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  • Varia Afhaal: Chip Shortage or Chips on Demand
    2023-07-06 16:00:00
    Published at 06 July 2023

    Varia Afhaal are thematic gatherings based around the common experiences, everyday technologies and home economics of food preparation. With Varia Afhaal we create a context in which we can collectively develop a deeper understanding of sometimes abstract socio-economic and political topics by learning with and from each other through discussions, sketching, research, cooking and eating.

    Following on from Open Sauce at Varia in May 2022, where participants combined the contents of open bottles of sauce to make new, delicious, unoriginal condiments, Chip Shortage or Chips on Demand focuses on the hardware of sauce: vegetable chips.

    In Chip Shortage or Chips on Demand we will explore old vs new technologies, scarcity, supply chains and planned obsolescence while experimenting with a variety of ingredients to make and enjoy chips. The discussions and collective cooking/eating sessions will be partially streamed using Varia's own radio streaming infrastructure.

    To register interest, please send an email to info@varia.zone with the subject heading [varia-afhaal]. Participants are encouraged to bring ingredients for making chips, and bottles of open sauce from their homes to enjoy them with.

    Varia Afhaal is organised by Varia members Alice Strete, Yoana Buzova and Simon Browne.

    Time: 16:00 - 19:00

    Date: 6th of July 2023

    Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3a, 3082 BA & stream

    This project is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.