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  • Radio Activity - a Wireless Orchestra
    2021-12-17 10:00:00
    Published at 19 December 2021

    Second year students from the Willem de Kooning Academy's Define Art major, together with Yoana Buzova and Angeliki Diakrousi explore the deviant potential of creating their own broadcasting infrastructures and utilizing it as a space for sharing and making work, but also to make things public. As a case study, they were looking into radio as a format and medium. While radio is essential as a means to stay informed, it is also a powerful platform for art and politics: experimental radio broadcasts have multiplied since the pandemic started in early 2020 regaining both momentum and relevance. Through the potentialities of radio, and inspired by it, the students can imagine different ways to publish work, bring parallels with already existing work and art mediums, and re-define art. They take advantage of the ephemerality and liveness of radio, providing space for queer, (BI-)POC, feminist and other marginalized behaviors and freedom of expression that is often limited by the permanent and formal character of other media.


    Timur Özkan, Francis Belte, Crea Butlin, Daria Cânţa, Daria Dascăl, Eleni Delenda, Ellemijn Geerkens, Ailie Gieseler, Martina Gonzalez Pacios, Aïshah Granviel, Anne Huttinga, Phillip Kesumo, Hayen Kim, Dagmar Korpel, Sophie Koterus Korting, Stas Lascaud, Lexie Lee, Carla Menas, Simon Mensger, Eshrée Mettendaf, Paul Mogwitz, Kangrok Moon, Chris Nelck, Louis Nurcombe, Barbara Paasen Ocampo, Jayda Reeberg, Viviane Roßknecht, Lauren Sellers, Stella Severson, Yasamin Shahbahrami, Fee Siemons, Ema Sivac, Hannah Staal, Daria Ştirbu-Mihai, Katy Taraporevala, Lea von Terzi, Raquel Williams, Sebastian Ynaraja Rodríguez

    Date: 17th of December 2021
    Time: 10:00-13:00 CET
    Location: Narrowcast