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  • Open Day @ Varia
    2018-05-12 12:00:00
    Published at 12 April 2018

    On the 12th of May, varia opens her doors and invites you to join an afternoon of informal conversations, workshops and demos. There will be free coffee, tea and software!1

    We will have the following activities throughout the day:

    Linux Presentation Day (All day)

    Bored Windows or Apple? Unable to update your operating system? Time to try linux, an operating system that comes in all shapes and flavors! Linux runs on the latest macbooks, your Playstation, possibly on your brand new fridge, but also on very old computers. Don't throw your old computer away yet. Bring your old and new laptops and breathe new life into them. Have a try or get help installing Linux on it. The Leeszaal West group that have been organising Linux Presentation Day in the previous years will be around to help you with your installation or with any other questions.

    Adblockers for beginners (all day)

    Are you tired of looking at online ads? Are you tired of on-line ads looking at you? Bring your computer or smartphone and we'll show you how to enjoy the tranquility and privacy of an ad-free internet. 

    Introduction to soldering (14:00 - 16:00), 12+

    Learn how to make a pocket boombox using only a few electronic components, a soldering iron and a steady hand. Bring your favourite tune(s) as mp3 files and a (disposable) memory card (micro)SD!. There is space for a maximum of 6 participants. Participation fee: €5. Please sign up by writing us an email.

    Graphic tool-test-party (15:00 - 16:00)

    Tired of having to crack yet another version of Photoshop? Tired of Microsoft Publisher? What about Microsoft Paint :-(? Come and play around with a series of graphic tools such as Gimp and ImageMagick (image editors), Laidout, or self-built ones: make a zine with Publish or Perish!, a Desktop Publishing tool that is also a game. We will group together in an intense one-hour tool-test-party to make visual reviews of these tools and print them on one of Varia's printers.

    We speak Dutch/English/Italian/French/Norwegian/Spanish and Portuguese!

    1. Free software refers to a movement around(in?) computer cultures. Thanks to a (open/)free license, a user is given the freedom to run, study, modify and share it. Grounded in communities of people writing and maintaining all different kinds of software. Free software lies at the heart of Varia's activities and way of working.