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  • Read & Repair - The Means of Communication as a Means of Production
    2020-08-30 11:00:00
    Published at 25 augustus 2020

    Come and make yourself comfortable, read together with others, browse/exchange/acquire parts from our electronics depot or use the quietness of the day to repair things that need fixing.

    Each session of Read & Repair is looking at a different text, sometimes guided by a guest.

    This next edition will feature Raymond Williams' The Means of Communication as a Means of Production (1978). Having been reduced from their status as means of social production, means of communication are seen only as "media".

    The text focuses on the materiality of communication, how communication tools are produced and questions how this determines who can use, study or alter them. Although the text is not directly written in relation to questions around user agency and digital tools, it closely connects to them. We will read Williams' text and try to contextualise it in light of our current relationship with communication technologies.

    The reading will take place on the day itself, but you can browse the text in advance here.

    We will meet this time in the physical space of Varia in Charlois!

    Date: Sunday 30th of August

    Time: 11:00h - 13:00h

    Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3

    We are looking forward to practice careful conviviality together again! Physical presences will be protected as much as possible by adopting some security measures: max 12 people are allowed in the space with 1.5 meter distance between them. Hand gel and masks are available.