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  • Read & Repair feat. Christina Karagianni and Anita Hrnić
    2020-10-25 10:30:00
    Published at 19 October 2020

    Come and make yourself comfortable, read together with others, browse/exchange/acquire parts from our electronics depot or use the quietness of the day to repair things that need fixing.

    Each session of Read & Repair is looking at a different text, sometimes guided by a guest. The text selection for October was made by Anita Hrnić and Christina Karagianni.

    In the next virtual edition of Read & Repair, participants will be invited to re-assemble three existing texts which speak of different ideologies in dialogue with each other. We’ll attempt to construct a new text and subsequently pay attention to the new meanings that may possibly emerge.

    Texts from:

    - A Prior - New York Conversations
    - Interview with Agnes Varda
    - Fucking Good Art #31 - It's playtime

    Date: Sunday, 25th October 2020

    Time: 10:30am-12:00pm CEST

    Location: https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/ideo_notes

    NOTE: This reading session will be held in English.