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  • Infraschool Open Day
    2022-05-25 17:00:00
    Published at 25 May 2022

    You are warmly invited to the launch of the Infraschool, an experimental peer-to-peer learning project that aims to explore local community infrastructure, co-operative organisation and digital tools.

    The Infraschool intends to share foundational knowledge of often inaccessible tools and methods so as to foster an environment of creative potential and encourage a critical ethos to everyday tools and technologies.

    For the first term of the Infraschool, we will focus on local community infrastructure, co-operative organisation and digital tools. These subjects have been chosen by the current initiators of the project because of their relation to these topics in their individual as well as collective practices.

    As initiators involved in different forms of educational work, we want to propose a self-organised model which builds on our critique of both top-down and informal, often unstructured, DIY approaches. Infraschool aims to be a structured & self-organised teaching & learning project, where study becomes a collaborative activity. We create the structure together, by consensus, to reduce the barriers to entry & provide a foundation for diverse & flexible organisation.

    The launch will take the form of an Open Day event where the public will be invited to a series of short presentations on the different subjects followed by small group discussions. The discussions will be a chance for visitors to ask questions, as well as initiators to gain insight into different participants interests. After this, we'll have some food and drinks together to wrap up the day.

    The initiators of the Infraschool are all based in Rotterdam and are active in projects, collectives and organisations within the city such as Varia, Good Times Bad Times, Extra Practice, Solisoft, Parallel Library Services and LURK. The group is made up of both formal and informal educators who have an interest in collective and knowledge sharing practices.

    If you would like to join the Open Day, please RSVP by sending an email to 1312@infraschool.nl.

    Date: Wednesday 25 Mei 2022
    Time: 17:00u - 19:30u CEST
    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)