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  • Century 21 Calling -  I'd Buy That For A Dollar!
    2018-12-15 20:00:00
    Published at 15 December 2018

    During our fourth and final screening of Century 21 Calling this year, we will honour the holiday season by taking a look at the development of ‘the shopping experience’. During this 'Christmas special' we'll take a walk through the shopping center and focus our attention on amazon.com, creditcards and refund instruction video’s. This will surely get you in the shopping mood!

    Century 21 Calling is a series by the collective Save_as and hosted at Varia in Rotterdam. During these screenings we take a look at the archival industrial films, corporate infomercials, tv reports and historical documentary of yesterday that shaped the imagination of tomorrow and hold it up to the light of the present.

    Save_as is a platform for 360 degrees media exploration by Thomas Walskaar and Léna Robin, initiated in 2017. Save_as investigates media and alternative publishing practices, to observe tensions which emanate from them. Save_as is also an independent publisher of printed and non-printed matter.

    Date: Saturday, 15 December 2018
    Door: 20:00
    Start: 20:30
    Entrance: Donation