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  • Extratonal Infrastructure #1: Zad Kokar, Vanita & Johanna Monk, TBA (joak)
    2022-12-01 20:30:00
    Published at 01 December 2022

    Date: Thursday, 1st December 2022
    Door: 20:00h CET
    Start: 20:30h CET
    Entrance: 5 euro
    Location: Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

    How can we save the environment and change the infrastructure if we have an unclear visibility and audibility? Fortunately, there are many approaches that can help us with these challenges, and the "extratonal infrastructure" event series aims to highlight them. On Thursday, the 1st of December, three musical performances will introduce all the extra tendencies and their tools that will help in such undertakings, for everyone who wants to experience them!

    Zad Kokar is a comic-strip artist and weirdo musician who lives in Strasbourg, France. Since 2015, he has developed (either solo or with Les Combi Beyaz) a cathartic mix of no-wave dissonances, Devo-esque minimalism, early hip-hop beats, and Residents-esque strangess. His live shows are defined by their high energy, loud, danceable, and uplifting vibe.He has released several comics, videos, cassettes and two records, including "Mold Grows" (2021) which was mastered by punk legend Geza X.


    Vanita and Johanna Monk are two musicians, writers, and artists, based in Rotterdam. Live musical moments will usually be totally improvised and may feature any combination of industrial noise (electric guitar, no-input mixer), free jazz (clarinets, saxophones, elemental vocals, little instruments), live signal processing, words spoken or sung, and traces of long-forgotten children's songs and folk melodies.


    TBA (joak) had a very adventurous life so far. He lived without electricity until he was six years old. After successfully completing various studies, he decided to become a teacher and taught art students in China and computer science students in Vienna. Inbetween he was the caretaker of the Republic of Kugelmugel for two years. Currently he works as a Kerndocent at Rotterdams local art academy and as director of the artificial research storage. In the last years he performed with a Theremin typewriter ("the Gesturewriter"), but for extratonal infrastructure he will play with something new/else!