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--->> preference for open source tools. 
--->> leave warnings if looks like stuff funded by dubious Western "think-tanks". 
--->> we are thinking of making a closed digital frontline action group, not posting all the info we have on this pad to not give any budding trolls any ideas, but get in touch if you are in the network of trusted folks or can  prove ur not a narc and you are interested to join this possible working group (email address line 6)
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Including background and context to the situation, journalists to follow, donation centers, etc...
Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine (Due to international cooperation, the site is partially in English)
How you can help Ukraine as a foreigner 
Citizens support network between the EU and Ukraine
General support links within the Arts:
List of Ukrainian community based feminist, queer, youth, disability and Roma organizations you can donate to directly
A guide for Ukrainian mothers in Poland (important addresses, where to look for help),WITAMY-W-POLSCE.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3NNGCLfC1yGf-AFfZw39sRHBjt9IpH0qG1y6TjSOjN0m7ZssT1kYeecW8
Civil society NGO based in Berlin
A Telegram channel has been created in Ukraine, which promptly provides information about children found and children who are lost. 
Link here:




easy to navigate, friendly interface, information divided by countries, useful tips on contacting embassies and lawyers etc. as well as overview of how to find shelter and asylum Though information per country is not updated


Currently, refugees from Ukraine can use rail transport of the following countries / organizations free of charge by presenting their passport or ID card:
German Deutsche Bahn DB &  Public Transportation (@DB_Presse)
Czech Rail České dráhy (@ceskedrahy_)
Hungarian MÁV-csoport
Polish PKP Intercity (@PKPIntercityPDP)
Slovakian Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (@zssk_mimoriadne) & Public Transportation in Bratislava (@DPBratislava)
Romanian Rail CFR (Căile Ferate Române)
Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB (@ourOEBB)
Swiss Federal Railways SBB & Public Transportation (@sbbnews)
French Railways SNCF (@SNCF)
Luxembourg All Public Transportation
Danish Danske Statsbaner (@omDSB)
Belgian Rail NMBS/SNCB (@nmbs)
Dutch Nationale Spoorwegen NS (english below)
Swedish MTRX Rail (@wearemtrx) & Stena Line Ferry (@StenaLinePolska)
Finnish Railway VR & Bus Services (@vruutiset)
In this way stations in the following countries can be reached from Germany:
France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and South Tyrol (Eurocity to Verona, Bologna or Venice). For the onward journey you may need a free "helpukraine-ticket", which can be obtained at the counter at "DB-Reisezentrum" or "DB-Agentur"."


Informal international accommodation offers (not verified)
Really complete pad with live updates on border situations with many, many helpful links including Telegram groups, ngos and lawyers to contact, etc...
TRANSPORTATION OFFERS In/Out of Ukraine and Other Countries
Ukraine Resources - Communities
A HUGE Telegram group for Ukrainians
Mentions humanitarian corridors on all the borders of Ukraine, extensive document, scroll through!!! Also includes psychological support, resources on job seekers
Facebook groups for transportation/help, also within Ukraine
FAQ for crossing Ukrainian border
Facebook group for Ukrainians travelling with pets




Partyzanka: for those who are forced to leave Belarus and Ukraine. Info, accommodation, transport, medical etc
+48 660 621 032
Анонимный бот- @PartyzankaBot.
Телефон инфолинии +48 600 384 500
TELEGRAM GROUP Poland-Germany transportation offers 
UKRAINE-POLAND transportation offers 
A guide for Polish offering refuge
FIXME Polish readers, help needed to see if info link has simply changed address or if it has been taken down completely FIXED!
Accommodation Warsaw: "Zasoby"
Fill in this questionnaire if you can offer accommodation in Warsaw (no longer accepting responses)
Legal information booklet (by Grupa Granica, Layers Association, Helsinki)
Legal help in PL
Infoline Lublin
Free emergency phone number


Spreadsheet with resources and support for Ukrainians crossing Moldova border: transport and accommodation options (doc seems closed to access) 
cultural workers support (Ukraine-Moldova)


Entering Romania from Ukraine
Waiting times at Romanian borders in terms of documents processing, monitored in real-time:
Romanian National Council for Refugees (CNRR) - Bucharest
+40 21 31 26 210
Compiled list of accommodation, food, medical assistance, traveling,  etc...
Dopomoha (Help) is an information platform for migrants fleeing the war in Ukraine, where they will find information on the entry requirements at the border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Romania, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and useful resources for their stay in Romania. Available in Romanian, Ukrainian, English and Russian and can be accessed through a browser from any device.
Aggregated list of assistance within Romania
Hotels throughout Romania offering free accommodation
Form to ask for accommodation created by the National Association of Real Estate Agents

Romanian National Anti-trafficking Helpline 0 800 800 678 / +4021.313.31.00 National Emergency Number - 112

Call the free national anti-trafficking hotline and counseling for migrants 527 (calls from Ukraine)


Overview of the Ukrainian citizens options to come to and stay in Estonia (in Estonian, Ukrainian, English and Russian)
Eesti Pagulasabi (Estonian Refugee Council)
organizing transportation from Poland to Estonia, constantly updated info at —
And in Instagram account —





Instagram Ukrainians in NL (Stichting Oekraïners in Nederland)
For ppl in NL able to offer shelter
Oekraïne vluchtelingen NL (FB)
Whatsapp group for people in NL willing to offer shelter (you have to fill out this form first)
Community page for Ukrainian refugees in NL
Humanitarian aid through Ukrainian Ambassy in NL


Municipality announces it will receive 1000 refugees
Refugees from Ukraine are received in various places in Rotterdam. 
INFO POINT Gemeente Rotterdam (Local Government Unit)
This page also contains frequently asked questions, which are regularly updated.  
If you would like to offer a room or house to refugees from Ukraine, you can call 088 - 877 9003 or send an email to .  
For questions about or initiatives for refugees from Ukraine, please send an e-mail to . If you have any other questions or comments, please call 14 010.
RECEPTION POINT Sporthal Wielewaal
Brammerstraat 1
Operated by Gemeente Rotterdam (municipal govt). From Tuesday 8 March, more than 300 Ukrainian refugees will be received in the Wielewaal sports hall. The temporary reception at this location lasts at least 5 to 6 days and is dependent on developments. Website of GR checked on 10-03, it said on that day no need for relief supplies.




For addresses, drop-off times, things needed:
(thanks @hkumafa for the tip)
Here is another list of needed things (from Stichting Ukrainians NL)


Shimmer Rotterdam is now a drop of point for urgently needed supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. not accepting any donations anymore
Huis van de Wijk 'De Inloop' in Bulgaarsestraat 4, 3028BB, Rotterdam 
Wednesday 2 March 15:00 - 17:00
Friday 4 March 16:00 - 17:00
For other times and dates, check on Instagram:
Fenix Food Factory in Keileweg is now a drop off point until 6 March:
City Center: Time Window, Teilingerstraat 110, 3032 AW Rotterdam
Until Friday 4 March 14.00, will drop off at Huis van de Wijk 'De Inloop' after
Open during the day all days until Friday, ring the Time Window doorbell and go to the first floor and ring the second door, the donation box is right in front.
Noord/delivery service: Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats is collecting urgently needed supplies to be brought by bakfiets to Stichting Ukrainians NL Thursday between 10-3pm, Banierstraat 62 (around the back) — can also be DM'd on instagram for pick-up services in Noord, West and Schiedam
Updates on collection points in Mathensse, Delfshaven & Charlois (more upcoming — all things collected are forwarded to Stichting Ukrainians NL):


An initiative from Den Haag


Poolse Bibliotheek in Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 174
Collection dates: 2 March (17:00-20:00), 3 March (1700-20:00), 4 March (10:00-18:00)
For things they need check
Another drop-off point in Amsterdam
Bloemgracht 96
Collection dates: 5 & 6 March (11:00-19:00)
DON’T BRING: clothes & diapers
BRING: toiletries, long-lasting foods, medicines, tableware/cleaning products (preferably one thing in big quantities)


HKU MAFA at HKU Loods (Koningsweg 2, Utrecht)
Koningsweg 2, Utrecht
10-18h Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
10-21h Monday, Thursday 
Collection dates
For things they need
ACU/Ukraine Humanitarian Aid in Utrecht
We are collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine from 11:00 to 17:00.
More info on what to bring here: Ukraine Humanitarian Aid in Utrecht FB
Voorstraat 71, 3512 AK, Utrecht
Phone: +31 (0)30 - 231 45 90
General email address: info [at] acu [dot] nl







Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund
CIMAM continues to update the list of practical resources for Ukrainian art professionals. 
Culture of Solidarity Fund: Ukraine edition
Emergency resources for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers
Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists
In Vienna, Austria (one of the co-initiators is


List of Art Residencies and Practices for artists and cultural workers from Ukraine
Kunsthal Trondheim 
Residency opportunity for Ukrainian artist
Sirius Arts Centre, Cork County, Ireland
Residency opportunity for Ukrainian artist


Narodowy Instytut Architektury i Urbanistyki, Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich Oddział Warszawski, Instytut Dizajnu w Kielcach
For full list offer see
To post an offer go to
Collecting information about practical support provided by universities and research organization for Ukrainian researchers and students
The University of Tartu (scholarship and extended apply deadline) extends the period of admission to non-Estonian-taught curricula for Ukrainian citizens until 1 June (for Ukrainian citizens for the first and second level of study). Ukrainian students can also apply for the scholarship until 15 March
More details at —
Aarhus University Ukraine research fellowships at AIAS
Philipp Schwarz Initiative, Humboldt Foundation
Researchers at Risk
Memory Studies Association
KIM, Künstliche Intelligenz und Medienphilosophie
Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design


Olga Protasova's initiative to commission work for Ukrainian illustrators
Kai Schmitzer (AD Zeit Leo Magazin) is looking for Ukrainian illustrators to connect them with his colleague AD's.


Re-placing Art Students from Ukraine to Slovakia The name LVIV 150 is a symbolic name for a project of the AFAD to help Ukrainian students not only from the Academy of Arts in Lviv. In cooperation with Polish and Slovak art academies, we coordinate the transfer of several dozen students from Ukraine and their subsequent placement at these schools
IMPORTANT NOTICE: given the urgency of the current situation in relation to the deadline for funding (ARTEZ & HOLLAND scholarships) we create an extra priority track for Ukrainian and ALL other non-EU passport holding art workers who are forced to leave Ukraine and consider study at DAI and with that, consider to enrol in Dutch education.
The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is ready to offer study opportunities to Ukrainian refugees
City/Country: Tallinn, Estonia
The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is ready to offer opportunities to continue studies to Ukrainians who have arrived in Estonia as refugees and for whom it has become impossible to continue their studies at home. Our initial ability would be to offer study opportunities in English-language curricula or in Estonian-language curricula in cooperation with the in-depth study of Estonian at the Tallinn University.
Contact details: Tiina Uibo, International Students Advisor,, +372 6675 722
Studying in Estonia
Overview by Studyinestonia of solidarity initiatives by higher education institutions in Estonia from all disciplines. The overview mainly highlights concrete actions aimed at supporting students and staff from Ukraine, both those that are already enrolled in or working at the institutions and those fleeing Ukraine due to the war.
EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) offers study spots for Ukrainian art students
City/ Country: Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian Academy of Arts offers Ukrainian students free study opportunities at our four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Art Culture until the situation in their country stabilises.The study spots are provided by semester (free mover seats) and enable students to continue their studies at several international curricula: fine art, animation, photography, architecture, urban studies, interior architecture, interaction design, graphic design, design and crafts and cultural heritage (in English) and media graphics (in Russian). Both MA and BA level students are welcome to apply. EKA will also announce extension of admission period for degree studies for Ukrainian students.
Contact details:
German Universities for Students Displaced from Ukraine 
We are a group of professors who want to support students who have been displaced from Ukraine in continuing their studies at a German university. This form is intended to gather information from interested students, which we will share with universities which may be able to receive displaced students.
Academy of Arts in Szczecin offers support in the form of the opportunity to participate in classes held under the 2021/2020 academic year curriculum within the specialisations:
· Art education in the field of musical art,
· instrumental research,
· Vocal,
· graphics,
· Computer games and virtual reality,
· Interior architecture and virtual space,
· painting,
· Media art,
· Design.
People who want to use the support, contact us at: pogamy@akademiasztuki. 






15 March


Filmmakers raise money for underground artists at war
@VOVAVOROTNIOV (Instagram call for support)
Babylon’13 is the informal association of documentary filmmakers in Ukraine, which was formed during Maidan revolution. It has been famous since then for fearless filmmaking in the war zones and occupied territories. Babylon’13 is now launching a fundraising campaign to support Ukrainian documentary filmmakers at war. The money will go to provide filmmakers with equipment and cover the expenses directly connected to their work at the frontline. This will help to bring the true stories about the Russian-Ukrainian war to the vast international audience, supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom, democracy and independence
Linoleum Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine) "Stand with Ukraine"
Dear friends and colleagues, help us spread the news about what's going on in Ukraine. You can make short animation videos to convey your support, your attitude towards war, and how sick leaders who drive their people to death and threaten to use nuclear weapons should be dealt with. Videos can be up to 10 seconds, 1920x1080 mp4. You can send them to And share them on your social media accounts
To animation filmmakers, producers and distributors. Weronika Jurkiewicz and Bianca Lucas are starting a Boarder Crossing Children's film festival in Poland to show films to kids who are waiting in line on the Ukrainian-Polish border. This will help to distract kids a bit. Film with no dialogue, short or long. Send your films to 


Ukraine Solidarity Fundraiser at Mono 11 March 
Questions? DM them directly to the organizers +48502193119, Anton +316194659
Eathouse Dinner Ukraine Fundraiser 11 March 6 - 10PM @foundationbad
Foundation B.a.d., Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam
Eathouse is cooking dinner this Friday at Foundation B.a.d to raise funds for Ukraine. 
Money will be split between United Help Ukraine  (medical & humanitarian aid) and Fight For Right (Ukrainians with disabilities who cannot leave) 
Ukraine Solidarity Screening #4 / Oleksiy Radynski, short films
Monday 7 March 2022, 21.00 hrs (EET), screening of Oleksiy Radynsky short films as part of independent Ukrainian cinema in support of Ukraine. As per artist’s request all of the raised funds will be redirected to the independent film collective in Mariupol, “Freefilmers”
Film “Donbass” by Sergey Loznitsa
   March 7, 2022, Lantaren Venster
Support for Ukraine // fleamarket in rietveld pavilion ∞༺♡༻✧
01 March 2022
12:00PM - 8:00PM
AddressFrederik Roeskestraat 96 1076 ED Amsterdam, Netherlands
Borscht Solidarity Screening for Freefilmers
01 March 2022
RET, Waalhaven Oostzijde 1, 3087 BM Rotterdam, see 
Facebook Event Page



Centrum Terapii HAAK
Psychological and legal help LGBTQI in Ukraine
Support for WdKA students (employees?)
Miriam Bestebreurtje and René Verouden (CHECK TEAMS/MYWDKA/HR WEBMAIL FOR EMAILS)
Pirated online therapy course



On the Principles of Preventing and Combating Discrimination in Ukraine (
English version:
Emergency Contacts for Africans in Ukraine
Consulate info for Africans in Ukraine
Resources for BIPOC and Slavic Ukrainian Refugees
One contact for help in exiting the country
Tips for Nigerian, trans, and people without Ukrainian passport
Emergency Hotline for Afghan Students & Community stuck in Ukraine: WhatsApp: 00420601510248 Email:
Parada Równości
Unclear if volunteers or officials but numbers to contact
Fundraiser to rescue 500 POC students


Helping Roma people in Ukraine
Help Roma access humanitarian aid
European Roma Rights Centre  
c/o Amnesty International 
Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 4th floor 1000 Brussels, Belgium 





A bot that sources Ukraine news from ~30 Nitter (a proxy to Twitter) sources that are supposedly reliable.
The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a crowdsourced effort by Centre for Information Resilience (CIR) and the wider open source community to map, document and verify significant incidents during the conflict in Ukraine. Its aim is to provide reliable information for policymakers, journalists, and justice and accountability bodies about the evolving situations both on-the-ground and online. Bellingcat, Mnemonic and the Conflict Intelligence Team have also begun to contribute to the map in recent days.


Have you considered the alternative?
Has some info on how to make your own server, for more secure information storage


Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security
NOTE: Not sure who they are, have asked around w trusted source, consensus between us is they feel kind of think-tanky Soros-y, funding sources are obscured on website, former president of Estonia or smth like that is on their advisory board, but oh well, you take what you can get when working on contested frontlines, sometimes you don't have the luxury to choose your funding sources
The Centre was established under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine as one of the mechanisms for countering disinformation by joint efforts of the state and civil society. The Centre is focused on communication that is aiming to counter external threats, in particular information attacks of the Russian Federation.
NOTE: they seem more trustworthy, according to source consulted, they were heavily covering Navalny issue and coverage was thorough and seemed well-informed, they say they are volunteer run but it looks, aesthetically, like they have resources more than just a DIY volunteer workforce... but this of course is subjective, could just be a wanting to "look professional" in the mainstream language of social justice organizations... A LOT can be written about how to project aesthetics of trustworthiness via design


Signal vs. Telegram: Which encrypted messaging app wins?
New Voice of Ukraine under DDOS attack
Ukraine calls on hacker underground to defend against Russia
How Russia took over the Internet in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine
Information Warfare Is Without Limits and So Are Its Consequences
Russia Blocks Facebook and Twitter in a Propaganda Standoff
A new iron curtain is descending across Russia’s Internet
Infrastructures of empire: towards a critical geopolitics of media and information studies
Security guideline (draft) -  Personal Communication in Case of Crisis


Twitter accounts to follow
Mastodon accounts to follow
Refiled 2 accounts below from the assorted section to here. 
Hi guys👋😺 My name is Stepan😻I live in Ukraine🇺🇦 I give everyone a good mood👻❤️😹 Сотрудничество📩в Директ!🦥🐾
(Stepan seems to be a legitimate cat influencer with a recently developed political conscience.)


That are trying to put pressure on institutions on a local and international level. 
Official response, International Court of Justice
THE HAGUE, 1 March 2022. The International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, will hold public hearings in the case concerning Allegations of Genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Ukraine v. Russian Federation) on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 March 2022, at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the seat of the Court.
Feminist Anti-War Manifesto
A manifesto by Russian feminists who have united against the occupation and war in Ukraine.


Compiling a spreadsheet so individuals can actively email organisations they're involved with? feel free to remove if not useful, 2.3.22  
(it's very useful indeed! a good overview of institutional response thanks so much for adding!) great idea!
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Initial statement released on feb 28, followed by extended statement on March 2 + list of all actions they are mobilizing now. 
UvA Slavic Department 
FIXME (link needed)
This link says to follow link in bio to full statement, we can't find the link in bio. Because this post is RSS copy of what's on their Instagram, quite careless
We did find this link on their website, with a single paltry URL to further information about the invasion and its context
Updated webpage with info for students and staff
Kunsten '92
Kunsten '92, Dutch advocacy organisation of cultural institutions in NL (heritage, culture, and creative sector), a joint action with events on 4, 5, 6 March '#🧡rtforUkraine. ' organized by its member organizations. Proceeds going to Giro555. 
Hermitage Amsterdam
Amsterdam Museum
Blijdorp Festival “De situatie in Oekraïne uitgelegd”
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 
Both posted “Schoonheid als reactie op de lelijkheid 💙💛” on their social media platforms + blue yellow art work from their collection, no further statements have been issued so far 
Jan van Eyck Academy
"Ukrainian students in kabk are quote active, they're organizing charities and kabk is helping them. Kabk reacted to this conflict very early actually, maybe within a day they sent an email about it." 
Apparently, a previous member of their student council has been given somewhat limited but still wide-enough access to communicated with the entire school body. The whole school has been receiving internal communiqués that sound like they were written by an actual human and not a too-afraid-to-take-a-stand politically lifeless robot. They are resharing Tikkie and Paypal links as well as IBANs accounts for donations with the whole-school email list. Doesn;t seem like the institution is actually doing anything outside of facilitating this open line of communication that allows energetic voices to communicate with the school body. 
One of the emails is signed with first and last names and contact info (mobile numbers/student emails) of members of the Ukrainian Community of KABK. It is notable that they are collecting funds for two organizations: 
"1) NGO Come Back Alive (established and verified since 2014)
2) Ukraine's national bank, special account which raises funds for Ukraine's Armed Forces"
Cannot help but think of the many, many posts that compare response to Palestine vs response to Ukraine. What would have happened if Palestinian student activists had advocated for donating money to armed forces fighting Israeli occupation. OOF. It's not a very far stretch to imagine that they would have been labelled as terrorists. The solidarity that is being displayed towards Ukraine is heartening and just. And we cannot forget this precedent. Schools, organizations, governments CAN and DO make political statements, the can and do enact for BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) campaigns, most especially in states of exception such as war. The double standards at work cannot be ignored. Palestine is just as worthy of this wholistic mobilization as Ukraine. 
Design Academy Eindhoven
Clear statements of solidarity have further been issued internally and externally on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.
Students of DAE have organised a collection of material donations. They sent out the first collection of donations on Friday 4 March and have self-organised transport together with Ukrainian families in Eindhoven who are travelling to the Polish-Ukrainian border. All items were handed over to a distribution centre.
Design Academy set up a donations collection with the National Giro 555:
Kunsten '92 This weekend (March 5-6), the cultural sector in The Netherlands will take joint action for the Ukraine with #hArtforUkraine. To show solidarity and to show compassion and support, participating organizations dress their buildings in blue and yellow and donate proceeds to Giro 555 of the Cooperating Aid Organizations. Find more information about #hArtforUkraine and participating organizations here:


Call from cultural organisations and institutions in Ukraine to boycott the Russian state
Call from Ukrainian architect to international community of architects


For Russian cultural workers: you can sign this letter against war in Ukraine
A letter for Russian graphic designers and illustrators*jgiWyCIsGOXRkj9IxTeumg
Statement unpublished, a note reads:
Here was an open letter from designers and illustrators with their opinion on the "special military operation", which was signed by 11,000 people.  In connection with the adoption of new amendments to the Criminal Code, we consider it unsafe to leave this letter in the public domain with a list of signatories.  According to Article 54 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, “A law establishing or aggravating liability has no retroactive force”, and also “No one can be held responsible for an act that was not recognized as an offense at the time it was committed.”  Prior to the adoption of the amendments, a letter with signatures was sent to the State Duma and the Presidential Administration.  Thank you all for your participation.
A letter for Russian architects
Statement unpublished. When trying to access the letter you see a note that says
There was an open appeal by Russian architects signed by 6.5 thousand people.  On February 4, 2022, we decided to hide the text and signatures in connection with the introduction of a new law.
Garage MCA official response
Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (Moscow) official response
Venice Biennale Russian pavilion will remain closed (artist and curator pulled out). 
Curator Raimundas Malasauskas's official letter
We are not alone, a growing list with petitions and open letters (in Russian)
As of 03 March website is down 


Matter of Art: Solidarity with Ukraine 
Co-written and signed by East Europe Biennial Alliance: Biennale Matter of Art Prague, Biennale Warszawa, Kyiv Biennial, OFF-Biennale Budapest, and Survival Kit Festival Riga.
Dzielna Foundation
MOME opens its campus for refugees from Ukraine


European Alternatives
The European platform L’internationale (MG+MSUM (Ljubljana), Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), MACBA (Barcelona), M HKA (Antwerp), SALT (Istanbul & Ankara), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), MSN (Warsaw) / NCAD (Dublin), HDK-Valand (Gothenburg)
L’internationale linked up with Biennale Warszawa to issue the following petition:
Art World: Oppose Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine!
State of Concept, Athens  
Cultural Workers Against the Ongoing War
Open Letter
Steirischer Herbst
Kunstkritik, Norway
“The Art Community Must Stand Up Against the War”
KunstKritik, Anders Kreuger 
“A Necessary Letter”  (after the curatorial statement of the withdrawal of the Russian Pavilion Venice Biennale)


International Federation of Film Archives


Doxa magazine's site and instagram.
Independent magazine run by academics and students (in Russian):
Doxa's "Antiwar Handbook" 
In Russian. Because of it their website was blocked by the Russian government
Here is the full article, easy to translate in deepl
Feminist War Resistance (Russia)


Publications, newsletters, playlists, and other fora offering special-focus issues and sections related to the war in Ukraine
BAK PROSPECTIONS: Stand With Ukraine
BAK’s digital forum Prospections, provides—via its emergency focus “Stand With Ukraine”—an ongoing publication of material such as texts, documentation, and live online events that offer context and insights to radical resistance to the war on Ukraine, by means of publishing contributions by Ukrainian culture workers. This is a humble framework to think along with, develop, learn from, and support the work of artists, thinkers, and activists in this time of emergency in Ukraine.
BAK Stand with Ukraine Makeshift Reading List
A makeshift reading (and listening) list of what we believe are relevant articles and interviews that give historic context on the invasion of Ukraine and how we at BAK—and a broader international left opposing this and all wars—can express solidarity and exert political pressure right now. While all texts radically oppose the war, there are also differences in the propositions they engage with as to how to emerge from this horror. Links are provided chronologically in descending order.
In These Days of Great Tension, Peace Is a Priority: The Ninth Newsletter (2022)
Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research
Future Sound of Ukraine
20 of the best films to help understand what’s happening in Ukraine 
Documentaries and fiction features that contextualise the unfolding horrors in the former Soviet republic, as chosen by researchers at Ukraine’s Dovzhenko national film centre in Kyiv.
A wartime diary by Yevgenia Belorusets
Talk Art 
Mark Neville (Ukraine Special Episode: Stop Tanks With Books) 
Since 2015, Neville (born 1966) has been documenting life in Ukraine, with subjects ranging from holidaymakers on the beaches of Odessa and the Roma communities on the Hungarian border to those internally displaced by the war in Eastern Ukraine. Through his community-based projects, Neville explores the social function of the medium, using still and moving images as well as photo books. His projects have consistently looked to subvert the traditional, passive role of social documentary practice to activate social debate and change beyond the boundaries of cultural institutions.
Employing his activist strategy of a targeted book dissemination, Neville is committed to making a direct impact upon the war in Ukraine. He will distribute copies of this volume free to policy makers, opinion makers, members of parliament both in Ukraine and Russia, members of the international community and those involved directly in the Minsk Agreements. He means to reignite awareness about the war, galvanize the peace talks and attempt to halt the daily bombing and casualties in Eastern Ukraine which have been occurring for four years now. Neville's images are accompanied by writings from both Russian and Ukrainian novelists, as well as texts from policy makers and the international community, to suggest how to end the conflict.
Dwie Siostry Publishing House
Download art games and creative activity materials prepared by the authors and illustrators associated with the Dwie Siostry (two sisters) Publishing House. More materials will follow daily.
radio_kapital and other community radios joining forces in solidarity with Ukraine (from TUE 8 - till Fri 11) solidarnx z Ukrainą ❤️




+++ Some of our readers have reached out to express reservations about the point of view
 of Timothy Snyder. We recommend reading with caution and supplementing with other 
 sources as well.
Re: Snyder. Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day. Although some of his views on history of the Eastern Europe are questionable, he seems to understand putin and his articles about this 'ruler' are pretty insightful. Unexpectedly so sometimes, since he himself has never experienced life under Soviet regime. 
NATO Expansion
After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was a near universal understanding among political leaders that NATO expansion would be a foolish provocation against Russia. How naive we were to think the military-industrial complex would allow such sanity to prevail.

Crimea annexation 2014

>>Everything you need to know about the 2014 Ukraine crisis
>>Crimea: Putin vs. Reality, Timothy Snyder 
Putin’s invasion was not a reaction to an actual threat, but rather an attempt to activate a threat so that violence would erupt that would change the world.
>>Crimea: Six years after illegal annexation
>>Putin Reclaims Crimea for Russia and Bitterly Denounces the West
>>Timothy Snyder: Freedom in Russian (language) exists only in Ukraine. 
In Ukraine, millions of Russian-speakers read a free press and learn from an uncensored internet

History & myths

>>Tony Wood, Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the New Cold War
This book by Verso books comes recommended as "really insightful" by a trusted source
>>Alexander Etkind, Internal Colonisation: Russia's Imperial Experience
This book gives a radically new reading of Russia’s cultural history. Alexander Etkind traces how the Russian Empire conquered foreign territories and domesticated its own heartlands, thereby colonising many peoples, Russians included. This vision of colonisation as simultaneously internal and external, colonising one’s own people as well as others, is crucial for scholars of empire, colonialism and globalisation.
 >>Paweł Pieniążek, Greetings from Novorossiya
The war in Ukraine surprised Europe, which was used to "eternal" peace close to its borders. As it turned out, wrongly. After the dramatic events in the Kiev Maidan and the Russian annexation of Crimea, the action moved to Donbas, where pro-Russian separatists dreamed of a new region of Russia - Novorossiya. The initially few demonstrations turned into an open armed conflict fueled and supported by the authorities in Moscow.
Paweł Pieniążek reported these events on an ongoing basis for the Polish press, radio and television. He was the first journalist to reach the wreckage of a Malaysian airline shot down by separatists.
In Greetings from Novorossiya, he describes the tragicomic birth of the conflict and its tragic consequences - a humanitarian catastrophe, devastated cities and shattered people's dreams of a normal life.
>>Svetlana Alexievich, The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II. "I write not about war, but about human beings in war. I write not the history of a war, but the history of feelings. I am a historian of a soul" 
>>The real and imagined history of Ukraine Vladimir Putin says Ukraine isn’t a country. 
Yale historian Timothy Snyder explains why he’s wrong.
>>npr podcast with Timothy Snyder
>>Putin’s case for invading Ukraine rests on phony grievances and ancient myths 
The Russian leader doesn’t want to believe Ukraine exists. But that’s not how modern nations work.

Donbass region

>>Kremlin claims that the Donbass region is historically and rightfully part of Russia. What does history tell us?
>>Explained: What is the history of Ukraine’s separatist regions?
>>MH17 tragedy, Bellingcat research/report
>>Film “Donbass” by Sergey Loznitsa
   March 7, 2022, Lantaren Venster  ukrainian-frontline
Also in 15 other theaters in NL:

Current news and opinions

>>How should Europe handle Ukrainian refugees? Russia’s war on Ukraine causes Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II, says the UN.  (Very good material offering opinions from several organizations (EU, UN and NGO) on the double standards concerning the treatment of the refugees; the different aspects of #solidarity and proximity of war during the current and past crisis.)
>>Zełenski nie jest bez skazy, ale to on jest dziś przywódcą wolnego świata (Zelensky is not flawless, but he is the leader of the free world today)
>>Ołeksandr Irwaneć, Nawet pomniki są po naszej stronie. Notatki czasu wojny (Even the monuments are on our side. War time notes),1, Originally published by
>>Puto: Nowa przyjaźń polsko-ukraińska. Jak by tego nie spieprzyć? (Puto: A new Polish-Ukrainian friendship. How not to screw it up?)
>>Timeline: Week one of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
>>As Russia Seizes Chernobyl Site, Ukraine’s 15 Nuclear Reactors Pose Unprecedented Risk in War Zone. An interview with Linda Pentz Gunter, international specialist at Beyond Nuclear.
>>“Russia's seizure of the inactive Chernobyl nuclear power plant is concerning, but the bigger potential danger is that Putin's war against Ukraine will be the first to involve combat near four active nuclear power plants containing 15 operating reactors.”
>>Russian cyber and media warfare.
In Bellingcat’s latest video investigation with Newsy, they investigate the dubious footage invoked by Russian and separatist media to drum up support for Putin's invasion of Ukraine
>>When Westerners first began to hear of Vladimir Putin’s troll army—now some five years ago—the project sounded absurd.
>>Important and fascinating thread by journalist Carole Cadwalladr about Russia’s ongoing information war, which started (the latest at least) in 2014.
>>Journalist Max Seddon (Moscow bureau chief of the FT) summarises Putin's speech he gave prior invading Ukraine. 
"Obviously I expected Putin to be aggressive and uncompromising, but this is downright scary. This is a war speech."
>>"Putin signs decree to send Russian troops into Ukraine. This is now an official invasion by any measure. Biden and others promised severe sanctions. Now is the moment to see them. Anything less would be catastrophic for the safety of the West." - Bill Browder
>>Defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent, Illia Ponomarenko
>>More than 6,000 arrests in Russia during protests over Ukraine war, says human rights group
>>Russia blocks Echo of Moscow and Dozhd TV, restricts social media access
>>Tricontinental, Vijay Prashad, “In these Great Days f Tension, Peace is a Priority”


>>President for Life’: Putin Opens Door to Extending Rule until 2036
>>Ivan Krastev: We are all Living in Putin’s World Now

POC Concerns

05.03.2022 The myopic focus on racism at the Polish-Ukrainian border
02.04.2022 What does a refugee look like? [report from the border]
28.02.2022 Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon on the war in Ukraine
27.02.2022 Grind in Polish humanitarian help (PL) “They are lost and very far from home. Non-white are also fleeing the war from Ukraine”,100865,28163693,sa-zagubieni-i-bardzo-daleko-od-domu-niebiali-tez-uciekaja.html?fbclid=IwAR1jgyouvv0uFolg-ChUXp8Cxo6_tbv6nJWjb1E0pRVx6tqbce2DiyLvQL0&disableRedirects=true
27.02.2022 "The Nigerian students caught in the Russia-Ukraine war”


The people of Ukraine need our solidarity. But not just because they’re ‘like us’

Sources in Dutch

>>NRC-correspondent Eva Cukier, @evacukier
>>Volkskrant-expert Tom Vennink, @tomvennink
>>De Raam op Rusland website, die goed achtergrondnieuws biedt; gerenommeerde experts zijn ook de namen achter deze site, zie bv. @hubertsmeets en @laurastarink1
>>Het Russia & Eastern Europe Centre van Instituut Clingendael deelt regelmatig nuttige rapportages en informatie 
de bekendste Rusland commentator van Clingendael op dit moment is @bobdeen, hij is a.s. maandag ook bij onze carrièremiddag
>>NOS en ook RTL nieuws hebben hele goede correspondenten ter plaatse, zij delen nieuws 
en via @irislarisa en @evahartog
>>BNR podcastmakers en freelance journalisten Geert Jan Hahn en Floris Akkerman, @geertjanhahn, @flrs, ook voor goed achtergrondnieuws
>>Radiomaker, journalist en Oekraïne-expert Michiel Driebergen, @3bergen
>>Oekraïense en Russische kunst-expert/curator Sjeng Scheijen 
via @sjengscheijen post Sjeng nu elke dag een Oekraïens kunstwerk
>>Media-onderzoekers Lisa Gaufman en Mariëlle Wijermars delen bijzonder nuttige analyses en links naar mediaoptredens over de rol die (social) media spelen in de regio 
hier vind je een aantal open access artikelen van Mariëlle en beiden zijn ook actief op Twitter via @lisas_research en @marielle_w_
>>Boekhandel en uitgeverij Pegasus is interessant voor literatuurliefhebbers, maar zij delen ook regelmatig nieuws over actuele publicaties – vandaag bv. een mooie foto van Oekraïne-gerelateerde literatuur en studies via @pegasusboek 
zie ook
>>Bij Lisa Weeda is de Donbas een wereld vol witte herten, verlaten Sovjetpaleizen, nieuwe grenzen en ijspegels die het zonlicht van de dag opslokken. 
De afgelopen weken las ik haar debuut “Aleksandra” — een mooie roman over haar familie, die komt uit ‘een gebied dat nooit rust lijkt te vinden.’ ‘Het literair talent van 2022 is Lisa Weeda,’ kopte Volkskrant in 2021. Lees dit boek vooral, om de historische tragiek maar ook de poëzie van Donbas beter te begrijpen.


Posters       expired FIXME


28 February 2022, Monday
We had a joint meeting with colleagues from Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst to gather information links and share thoughts on what is happening in our respective institutions in terms of response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces led by Putin. These are the minutes from our meeting:
An emergency meeting was planned today at 1030h to discuss the ff:
[1] Draft a joint solidarity statement
There is a list of co-signers at the bottom that could be a network to activate
Through network, we can reach out to other institutions to see who would be willing to co-draft
[2] Issuing an emergency fellowship from BAK
Call out for Ukrainian fellowship position(s) to be funded by BAK, possibly in collaboration with other post-academic programs in NL  
[3] Fundraiser through BAK  Studies program on art and politics taught by Maria Hlavajova
Where/which nodes of our networks this money should be going to
Not possible to send directly to friends in Ukraine
[4] Offer support/be in touch with/study the response patterns of the institution's implicated network
[5] Prospections Syndication
Prospections is BAK's online publishing forum. We want to republish material of Ukrainian and Russian voices, pay for republishing that material, text, video, whatever, as an opportunity for information sharing and also livelihood
[6] A Ukrainian flag will be hung outside the institution as a show of support
Contacting people in my networks in both countries, they are busy with humanitarian stuff (medicine, food, money)
No idea about cultural projects or efforts, can have a look
It's not easy to help people in Ukraine directly, you have to do it via humanitarian orgs in Poland and Baltic states who have experience in that
You can't help Russia at all financially and can't get Russian ppl out of Russia, I'll have a look and I'll get back to you
Posted some links over the weekend re: residency program
Artists at Risk platform that created a google doc and it's linked here with all the organizations that at the moment opened their spaces for Ukrainian refugees from the war
Found also solidarity statement, form that all cultural institutions from Russia could sign to sho solidarity
Tonight there is a bottom-up fundraiser from WET film collective who are trying to help and we are in contact with colalborators from Free Filmers collective in Ukraine, they are all stuck there, they won't fight, not able mentally or physicaly to do smth, frightened and in a difficult situation
Have friends who really from the beginning refused to leave bec they feel strong enough to fight
Other than that... there is some cultural institutions like MSN Warszawa that have been organizing for a few days now, collecting mainly first aid materials, raising money at this point in small orgs is a bit difficult to imagine that, at the same time collecting stuff also what they need is first aid materials, directly buying that and making sure that it's shipped, some gear for the people to help them fight
I already recognized a lot of things
I see a lot of letters signed by Russian artist and cultural workers, a lot of them, I'm hopeful when I see them, but I don't know if they make sense really
I saw letters from artists from Berlin but I've never found anything like this in the NL to show their position in this crisis 
THe most links I know are humanitarian
Russians were contributing to support Ukrainian people and army but they also said that's it's treason and you will get 20 years of jail for reposting this kind of information, I see that people are more aware of this and they post less they still try to do that in some way
I was researching how I can help, have ukrainian illustrator friends in EU but their families are then, so initiatives to get them more work to support their families
Still researching this, have posted some links on my stories and copy paste on my document is this is important
I think PrintRoom wanted to organize some sort of fundraiser
Karin wrote me yest and think about and discuss it with others
I also proposed to search for ukrainian artists and illustrators who have opportunity to do anything at this moment to sell their prints or smth
we will talk about it with her
If there is certain goal, certain valuable information that you want me to share with you, I can do research with this
overwhelmed by all kinds of info from different sources
i need guidance of what i need to find
whats happening at Wdka
Daniella is on standby communicated to all the students that anyone can call her whenever
i have offered myself on standby but i can imagine that ppl from ukrainian and baltic states are not comfortable speaking russian
also im emotional and crying all the time and i dont feel like that may be supportive
I know SLCs are doing something
on friday there was a meeting of students who wanted to participate
animation students who made works and talked about the situation
russian and ukrainian kids working together, no conflict between them that is a fine thing they understand that its the fault of the govt and not of the people, nobody wants this war
they changed the word situation into aggression 
someone told me "well it's almost a feeling that they are starting to learn smth... but its different from palestine, russia thing is approved by the dutch govt, they have used the language of the dutch govt"
what we also need to do is offer each other support and talk but this is already a case of extreme shock and everyone will be suffering from anxiety and PTSD so we really need to research if there is a psychological counselling to people and to students
PROFESSIONAL not the aunt of somebody or teachers
baseline data gathering, a primary task in disaster situations
get together to compile information from our networks
find out what it is that moves or affects us at the moment
collectivise and deprivatize the load
start somewhere, anywhere, mapping our knowledge and networks
gainful employment, keep busy
here because i am also far away from my own country where things are happening and i feel powerless
showing up because perhaps my body is implicated by echo
at a loss because i don't know the geography and the history, coming from elsewhere
but i want to be of support and use, what is needed...
IRL support gathering
For bodies implicated in the Ukraine invasion
Maybe with some food?
huis van de wijk (middelend)
leeszaal west
gemaal op zuid -- They are willing to host/available
[2] Make a poster and add the resource list link in case anyone wants to help with gathering links
Send to school groups + WDKA Screens

2 March 2022, WEDNESDAY
Woke up today unsure. Am I doing enough? Far from the frontline, it's difficult know what is needed. Does anyone have experience in relief efforts here? Unlike other experiences in other places where the general population seemed accustomed to having to support each other because government was unreliable, here (NL) it feels like citizens are not used to mobilizing on a large scale. I see smaller efforts from small independent groups, those are from people accustomed to direct action, but somehow there is no feeling of experienced oversight, of a well-formed muscle of orchestration. Like, where are the consortium efforts? Where is the sign that people are working together, pooling resources, etc...
housing corporations to approach in the NL that would be cooperative or open to housing cultural workers as part of a larger emergency residency: REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED
for less than 10 people, makes more sense to approach cooperative housing in east of NL (maastricht, arnhem)-- theyre not necessarily attracting just artists but perhaps more general "creative" types 
in REDACTED there's REDACTED—that's a cooperative housing project that is similar, they are trying to build 30 more apartments, some ppl are not happy about it bec they are having to approach REDACTED bank instead of sustainable REDACTED bank to finance this expansion
especially they have guest rooms for visiting artist and the money that you pay for this is the same amount of money that you would pay for antikraak, they enter a sustainable community with a network, regular antikraak requires a bit more production for an instituiton and its not the best model for cultural institutions and antikraak
what v2 is doing in Rotterdam is interesting but it requires a solidarity situation, whenever they have residencies v2 has a call out in their network, they have (i think?) budget of 300-400 for lodgings two month or one month residencies. if its 4-5 people coming in maybe you can source this way, through personal subletting
housing corporations are picky about who they let in, so it helps to have an inbetween trusted person like REDACTED or REDACTED thats better because they act more like a buffer, for example with REDACTED they would act as a negotiator for people who dont have a visa to enter, though housing corporations and through antikraak there are just too many boxes to tick re: who gets access to these places
in rotterdam, something like REDACTED is more "ethical" whatever that means in the context of using these strategies to use cultural workers to gentrify neighborhood but it's how they describe themselves and they're definitely not the worst organization around
there's another housing cooperative in teilingestraat (?? spelling ??), zelf beheer, they dont own the house but they are the owners of maintenance and finances they dont pay any rent but the money they pay every month goes inot the maintenance of their own hosues so they have abudget for future its a good model but its very difficult to replciate now, they did it in the 90s... woonstad was there in the building when they squatted it in the 90s, and they managed to expropriated it from not 100% sure but they used to have or still have one of the apartments as a common space or guest room for emergencies if somoene's apartment floods or whatever
its common practice for cooperatives to have one apartment that is empty for emergency or special guest-related purposes
REDACTED - artist focused anti kraak, in rotterdam
nieuwelaand/ nieuwe meent - amsterdam
i will send u website of all the cooperatives, mostly in arhem apeldoorn nijmegen its more common in the east than in the randstad
i would be more hesitant to approach antikraak directly but of course the options to work with housing cooperatives are just more limited, if its 40-50 ppl in whole netherlands then it would be doable, if it's something like 300 people it's not feasible 

Woke up feeling foggy and exhausted. Up late, doom scrolling and hypervigilant. I cannot go to work today. I have to go to work today.
I woke up in a similar way. The impact of the war is having a visceral effect, even from the relative bubble I’m in in Berlin. Had a meeting with colleagues to further consolidate support alliance with Dutch-based cultural organizations to see how we can coordinate our immediate humanitarian and financial support to networks in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Feeling powerless outrage at how the ongoing war in Ukraine was left scarcely noticed until this tragic escalation.

What do we want to do?
Dates for event at GOZ for WdKA colleagues and students... bec the school is not hospitable enough.
where could it happen otherwise?
but what do we do there?
March 14 or 18... is it too soon?
GOZ has someone from Ukraine working with them, did they say if they what they want to do?
heard from students that they dont know what to do w themselves, they are stressed 
maybe GOZ is a way to check in with each other 
there is the kitchen, maybe we could cook together, it's simple and also a moment of sharing
we could also cook for you  
we are a collective of students where we cook and make dinner as a practice of study of care
how do i recede as a person who is not part of this context
i feel like its not my place to facilitate this event
but of course i can facilitate
but thats the beautiful thing about what we did for palestine on the fire escape
we got together, we had this exchange, we learned more about the situation
i have close friends extremely affected by this though
that makes us humans
we dont need to go through things directly but we can find ourselves in making connextion
have u been in contact w students
in my posiion i have fragmented contact w students
its usually if they come to me for specific things, or bec i rpeviously taught them or meet them in assessments
i never met any students from the context actually, recently
ive been hearing from C or other teachers that they have some students in the group but ofc its more natural for them as direct teachers to reach out than to me
X and M have been in closer touch w students, it happened on the night from Th to F and we went on holiday it feels like when we come back yeah we have to see how we can talk and connect, the week break really changed everything i think
i joined in sept and students i have didnt have this background and in p1 i have 2 romanian students but its so quikc and i dont kow if they have atrust relationaship with me 
hard to say...i can talk to Zka and Tsh and see if they want to attend next meeting, check temp ith them and see what they needs are, if they would be interestedin attending a simple event like this, a slower action, a gathering to see whats needed before we do anything immediately
support dinner
be together
listen and share
keeping hands busy
we are not  therapists
be careful with create spaces of focused sharing/listening because we dont know how overwhelmed we may be 
language could be an issue if we work w person from GOZ, outside of wdka
check out
waking up checking news all day
intense also at workplace, bec lots of activity abt ukraine
after 1 week of knowing what to do to be faced w activity is nice but overwhelming
solidarity is solidarity
friends not moving, i understand, but 
solidarity is solidarity
setting a precendent
the frontline is closer
so little support palestine
how and where do we put our energy
here in romania
imminence, discussions are imminent
we talk about war and nuclear weapons like its in the neighborhood
i didnt feel this imminence in terms of the prximity, people fleeing, centers helping volunteers, so much organization happening in bucharest, i can imagine in the north its way way more
chaos and mobilization
thanks for asking for this checkout
particularly w this group we were talking as well
its more about checking w each other where we are
actions as well
all of them together
1. Contact woman who works at GOZ and see what her plans are and if our plans can aligns with hers
2. W to tell J from GOZ that we need a bit more time to listen in and regroup, and ask for contact to the Ukrainian colleague so we can meet with her
3. Schedule next check in after or week before israeli apartheid week, we coordinate on Signal
Ra --- Wed eve, thurs, Mon 13-18h, Fri 13-18h
Cl --- Tues 13-17, Wed 13-15h
Ca --- Tues
We -- during the day is really impossible for me (unless it's Wed. morning) but can do most of the evenings after 19hrs!
Cr -- Wed 9th of March evening, Thu evenings, for the rest i am generally available in the evenings
Xe -- available on Thu and Fri eve only
Ma --usually available evenings (after around 19:00) except for Mon and Wed 
Friday evenings, after 19h
I heard that collection points in Utrecht that were set up at private homes had unsavory people showing up to harass them.
Reports from Warsaw institution mobilizing for refugee support: their website was hacked and also had troll problems
In NL, a website disseminating info on how to assist/gather relief  was also hacked, when you logged in there was a message that said no more relief goods were being collected, it was fixed by the time I logged on
There is a digital frontline that I don't really see anyone mobilizing for, at least not from here? Reliable information is also a relief good!!!!! baseline data and regularly updated coordination/dispatch that is accessible and free from cyber attack is also first aid!! 

5 March Saturday

Cognitive dissonance is high. Mobilizing for both Israeli Apartheid Week and Ukraine relief is exhausting and also confusing. Some pro-palestine comrades making very intense comments online and maybe what sticks with me is that there is, in my circle at least, little mention of solidarity, of the fact that citizens are not to blame for war. Of course, we must bring institutions to task for double standards on Palestine and Ukraine, I support this and it makes me fkn angry as well. This is not the most urgent issue right now though, and I feel this as a pain. Being involved in both efforts to some extent... it feels (morally?) like digging a hole, then filling it up, then digging a hole, then filling it up. Sisyphean.
I think in terms of natural disaster, my mobilizing experience is in the frame of the frontline of climate change. So I'd find it extremely dissonant to posit that one culture or country or region were more worthy of disaster relief efforts than another. A typhoon is a typhoon, war is war, citizens are not to blame for these things. Both are calamities, and you could argue that humans have a hand in the proliferation of both. I'm not a political expert, am just a southeast Asian in europe trying to mobilize relief efforts out of a sense of solidarity. And I dont know what to think to be honest, and it's feeling hard to do what must be done. And it feels like a chasm is beginning to form, again the Left loving to fragment itself on the basis of moral high ground. It feels slightly too early for this discussion. 
A friend from Romania said: I don't believe in governments, only in people.
Same. Fuck governments, civil society is the only estament I trust.
I don't give a fuck about European identity building. To be in solidarity with Ukraine does not mean I'm into that, just like to be in solidarity with Palestine  doesn't mean supporting hezbollah or anti-semitism. Fucking exhausted by having to justify the justification of simple acts of... I dunno, you can't say empathy anymore you can't say compassion but it really boils down, on a layperson level, to that. And I now have to feel guilty about empathy and compassion, if I'm to listen to the fashionable theory/social science punditry I'm forced to keep up with. 
So many overnight "experts" on Ukraine now, people read two think pieces and think they can confidently commandeer a conversation and explain what they have not lived. You almost feel deficient, as if you're not self-educating enough. 



The term "no to war" is now officially prohibited in Russia. Ppl will be punished for writing or speaking it out. According to Masha Makarova from Bielsat, Russians who protest against the war are now using eight stars: ***** *** не воевать instead. 
In PL we have our own;) Eight Stars Movement (Ruch Ośmiu Gwiazd) since 2020. It started as a joke about "Law and Justice", the party rulling in Poland, on Facebook and gram. The symbol of the movement is exactly "***** ***" which stands for "jebać PiS”, meaning "fuck Law and Justice". Today it is widely used in memes, protest signs, t-shirts and other self printed materials e.g. privately owned billboards etc.
leaving this draft definition of cultural worker here, was in another section of the pad where it is no longer needed. i don't know why it's so ? to call oneself a cultural worker... the power of the term IMO is that it can be read and employed to describe a broad-as-possible set of practices, not only linked to the art world and its market. it would be highly annoying if the art world commandeered this "profession" or "position" (for lack of a better word) and shrunk its possibilities. if that happens, i suppose it will force us to find another easily understandable term that means not-only-working-for-art-institutions-on-stuff-that-is-imprisoned-within-them-for-a-small-elite-to-consume
The term cultural worker does not just refer to people of different responsibilities working in art institutions. It refers to the larger and total workforce engaged in the generation of material and immaterial cultural capital. This includes cultural activity such as programming, research, preservation, media production/circulation, custodianship, and grassroots action, on "high" and "low". It includes civil society/activist groups and all forms of immaterial knowledge production inside and outside so-called academia. It is not a distinguishing between artists and curators and other employees at cultural institutions but rather an equitable leveling of the hierarchies between these positions, as well as a broadening of the scope of who it is exactly that produces culture. It is a term the art world thinks it owns. It most emphatically does not. 

8 MARCH Tuesday
The Polish government congratulates itself for not opening any new refugees' centers in the last couple of years. And since all the refugees are now staying in ppl private homes, or will arrive there soon, there is no problem and everyone should be ok!
Woke up dazed. It's women's day today. There's also things to mobilize for today. Let's not forget the role that the patriarchy has played in all this. Putin's politics are 500% phallic.

9 MARCH Wednesday
Messages from friends who coordinate 8,000 ppl a day in 3 shifts of 8 hours on Medyka border + some police man and a few fire fighters. Where is the Polish government!? If you can leave your job for a bit (family?) they are looking for new border stewards every day. 

10 MARCH Thursday

We got together today with one of our working groups IRL. We've mostly been mobilizing online. I mean on the one hand, it was amazing. On the other hand, being with each other physically is sort of overstimulating because multiple conversations can happen at the same time. Was harder to focus on work. And I forgot how to moderate discussions in a way. And it was weird to be able to see when people were on their phones (usually you don't see their hands on their phones when they're just a video call square)
Thinking of the difference between mid-long term and immediate response timeframes. Institutions aren't geared for nimbleness. Once you get approval for a cost to be disbursed for emergency needs, the need may have already been filled elsewhere. They are trying though, some institutions, they really are. It's just they are built to be huge vessels, sea-worthy for so many souls in the hull and on the deck, so their rudders can only do so much. It can take quite a long time to feel a sharp change of course, a turn in an unexpected direction. How to be a Zodiac on board, ready to deploy with just a tiny crew. 
I miss the sea desperately. The maas is a convincing substitute but these days I rarely get to see it. Today, it was 16 degrees out and sunny. Yesterday, 1 degree. Mosquitoes reappeared suddenly. Spring is coming. There is a refugee center 2 blocks away from my house. It feels odd to be mobilizing for faraway institutions when there are people right next door. Meetings from 9 to 23h. I hope there is time this weekend to walk by the reception point next door. I don't know what I'd do there. I will maybe bake a cake and bring it over. First world problems. The calm here is striking. It is thick with guilt.


So a very small realization. The first few lines of this pad used to be text, and this text kept getting changed to other languages when (I think) certain browser add ons would recognize the text and translate it to another language. It would only translate the first few lines too, never the whole pad. I was getting tired of having to change the pad intro back to English every single day. Then I decided to try putting an image link at the top of the pad to see if this would deter add-ons from automatically translating the intro. Seems to work. I haven't had to change language in 24h. Fingers crossed, this dirty fix/hack keeps working...