I'm experimenting with the idea of focussed workshops for practical de-googlifying and (un)learning about technology. We have things like but there is a lot of unknowns in between knowing that an alternative exists and migrating to it.

Imagine things like actually doing the migration of your account in the entirety. There is so much in that to know before embarking on the journey. There is a lot that can wrong. Some people can't afford for their email not to be accessible for a while. This is the kind of thing I want to unpack and build up a culture around.

Perhaps a "techspreekuur" is the model that can work. Although I can imagine that being a bit too chaotic. That is good to meet people but not to do the actual work in a calm way. Maybe a mix of workshops and open hours can work.

Other ideas

  • A lot of people are using their computers more these days due to being stuck at home and that means the computers are breaking more often. I see more friends asking how to take care and maintain their computers so they can last longer.