Take Back Tech

Experimenting with the idea of focussed workshops for practical de-googlifying and (un)learning about technology. We have things like switching.software but there is a lot of unknowns in between knowing that an alternative exists and migrating to it.

Imagine things like actually doing the migration of your @gmail.com account in the entirety. There is so much in that to know before embarking on the journey. There is a lot that can wrong. Some people can't afford for their email not to be accessible for a while. This is the kind of thing I want to unpack and build up a culture around.

Perhaps a "techspreekuur" is the model that can work. Although I can imagine that being a bit too chaotic. That is good to meet people but not to do the actual work in a calm way. Maybe a mix of workshops and open hours can work. Accompanied by some propaganda of course.