Sore hands

Because of the COVID-19 situation, I was spending even more time on on my computer than usual. This unfortunately meant that I started to get very sore hands from using the keyboard. I've had to change a number of my (bad) habits and will probably need to keep working on better ones.

  • Not typing on a keyboard or using a phone is the main thing I had to do. This is hard because many parts of my social life are easily accessible via a keyboard. Also, my income relies on typing. So, I focussed on more phone calling and sending voice messages. I also got my paperwork in order for social welfare because I could not work.

  • Learning to type properly was huge. I was only using my index and middle fingers mostly. This website is a good start. I also used the gtypist program a lot. I can recommend doing something like starting a wiki (hehe) or something that is not dependent on deadlines to learn how to type again and still have fun. It is a more peaceful experience.

  • Getting a decent keyboard is also really helpful. I ordered an OLKB Planck as a cheaper option of this really expensive but also amazing one. There is also this absolutely wonderful one from the same supplier but it seems like a bridge too far for now.

  • I edit text all day and I am a Vim user but I'm not very proficient so I use a lot of keys repetitively for moving the cursor around. There are still a lot of bad habits to break. The vim-hardtime, clever-f and vim-sneak plugins help with that.

  • Doing some Yoga specifically for hands taught me some helpful exercises. I can recommend these two videos: Yoga for Wrists & Fingers - Yoga for Wrist Cramps & Carpal Tunnel and Yoga For Hands, Fingers, Wrists | 11-Minute Yoga Quickie | Yoga With Adriene.

  • Seeing the doctor and getting physiotherapy is important. I now know how to think about how my posture relates to my hands. Also thinking about how I lift things and use my hands. I can recognise when a position will cause my tendons to get irritated.

  • Taking breaks often is maybe the most revolutionary step. I use breaktimer to help do that. It maybe has fixed other parts of my life. I can't thank the people who made this thing enough.