Do-It-With-Others Hacking

Normally tmux or wemux can get you a long way. For example, if you want to work with some friends on a shared server where you all have SSH access and can jump into the same tmux session.

Sometimes there is no shared server or you all need to do some work on your local machines, but together. Imagine, you all need to install a Python package on your laptops and run something locally and compare results. Then what do yo do?

In this case, I highly recommend tmate. Each person installs it and then runs tmate in their terminal. Then once in, hit ctrl-b once, let go, and then hit :. You can then type show-messages and you'll get a URL you can share with your friends that they can open in their web browser. There are read-only or read/write variants available. If each person shares their terminal via a link you can all see what all the others are doing at the same time.

If you trust each other, use the read/write URL so that any one of you can help the other by writing directly into each others terminals. This can feel really strange at first and quite invasive but once you get into it, you can move between each other sessions really smoothly and have a good laugh.