Co-op Cycle in The Netherlands

The idea is to start a courier co-operative in the Netherlands to show an existing alternative to the "gig economy" run by bosses. We'll use the Co-op Cycle software and federation to support us as we start a local worker-owned and run business, compete with the delivery monopolies on our own terms (we focus on why we're different because we cannot compete on traditional terms - they are monopolies) and once we have built up trust in the city, try to work with suppliers to figure out how to push out thuisbezorgd, deliveroo, ubereats etc. As a guiding thought, I find the idea that the right things can be done for the wrong reasons very useful in this context. We will need to look and behave like capitalists and appeal to profit motives while we try to get a foothold. Co-operatives are not a silver bullet for a more just society but they're certainly one way to take us from theory into practice right now.

Relaiming work - a short documentary about CoopCycle and people already using it.



A sign that restaurants are desperate. 'Pick up your own pizza', 'No delivery costs'.